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Wrought iron patio table – Wrought iron patio furniture is a great functional way to add art deco or retro look to your patio. It also never will be broken, unless some cataclysm and it can hold up to weather better than wood or plastic, with a precise finish. Like anything made of iron, patio furniture rust may from time to time, and if left, this rust can damage furniture. However, it is fairly easy to perform maintenance on the wrought iron patio furniture.

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Remove any loose flakes of paint with a paint scraper and wire brush. Keep scraping and scrubbing wrought iron patio table until every piece of paint that is even somewhat loose has been removed. Apply commercial stain remover (widely available at automotive stores) to Rusty areas on your furniture, and it allows the dried layer according the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle.

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Using a brush, apply a coat of primer rust resistant to all exposed areas that you just scraped and sanded. You do not need to apply a wrought iron patio table to the areas where you will leave the old paint. If the old paint is still firmly attached, it makes the bottom layer is only as good as the primer.

New Wrought Iron Patio Table

Wrought iron patio table – An old patio table and chairs wrought iron can take on a new life as indoor furniture for sunbathing, dining room, kitchen, or even a home office or bedroom. Antique furniture and high quality wrought iron has a one-piece construction, hand hammered. More recent manufacturing wrought iron furniture and uses less expensive molds and often results in pieces bolted together.

Fix an old wrought iron patio table and chairs in a sun room, enclosed porch or deck gives a protected space indoor-outdoor living comfortable with a classic look. Paint furniture to go with your decorating scheme updates set to suit a more contemporary effect. For example, paint whole dark green to coordinate with other furniture in deck – or a bright primary color such as yellow or blue – can bring patio set in present, even if it’s an antique. Addition of chair cushions and a tablecloth in bright print or solid color coordination completes transformation.

A wrought iron patio table and chairs can serve as a craft station worktable home office. Draping of table in a floor-length tablecloth translucent allows wrought iron details to show through, while folds of fabric hide a storage area. Stacking storage boxes or roll a cart under table makes efficient use of space added. One side of table should remain free to allow storage space to put in a chair or two.