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Vanity Mirror With Led Lights – One of them is the mirror, whose lighting we have already addressed in previous posts and to which we refer at the end of this article. The mirror is undoubtedly one of the essential elements in any bathroom. A reliable reporter of our image, testimony also of important daily actions. Such as shaving, combing or makeup, which require correct and precise lighting. Therefore, if you are an architect or interior designer and you are reading these lines.

Posted on May 15, 2019 Vanity Lights

We advise you to pay special attention to these elements and choose lighting systems that increase their precision and enhance their decorative effect. Direct or indirect vanity mirror with led lights, magnifying or courtesy mirrors, retro illuminated mirrors for makeup or shaving. The illuminated mirrors are an optimal decorative solution to provide some depth and increase its prominence in the bathroom. There are several models of illuminated mirrors in the market. Of different sizes and types of lighting, to adapt to each type of project or style.

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They are very useful for tasks such as shaving or makeup and generally have vanity mirror with led lights in white tones. For optimal color reproduction. There are different models, three or five magnifications and some with flexo. To bring the mirror closer to the face with ease. Made of aluminum and glass, they have anti-humidity protection to prevent deterioration with the bathroom’s own environment.