Zeru Table Ideas

White Pedestal Table Base For Glass Top

Feb 6th
Pedestal table base for glass top - If you ever try to squeeze out another seat or two around the kitchen table, or rather an obstacle, you might get four barriers in the way. You can only fit so many seats between the legs of the table. But if you add a pair of folding, you can fit more people…
Art Deco Coffee Table Wooden

Feb 4th
Art Deco Coffee Table - A rustic room includes minimal ornamentation and natural wood materials, incorporating simplicity with natural elements to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Recycle old architectural supplies to create a rustic coffee table for your home. Projects coffee table handmade can only require the addition of media to an existing structure. Wood Distressed Making a handmade,…
Exciting Butcher Block Dining Room Tables Contemporary

Jan 24th
Butcher Block Dining Table -  If you like the look of butcher block islands a butcher block table may appeal to you, too. Tabletops butcher block is made of the same materials used to make tapas butcher Block Island  Butcher Block Dining Table The tabletop is created from strips or cubes of wood glued together. Things You'll Need Tape Look for…