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Oval glass top coffee table – oval glass top coffee table can add a touch of class and sophistication to a room. However, this furniture can endanger many homes, thousands of people are injured each year in connection with oval glass top coffee table. Knowing the hazard is the first step to the avoidance of injury.

Posted on March 20, 2019 Coffee Table

Falling, the greatest danger of oval glass top coffee table, according to Dr. Mark Waltz man is people falling through them. The glass of these tables is similar to glass plates and cups, making this glass are prone to breaking heavy shock, and that if it breaks proposes sharp edges that can cut and even people close to pierce. Although rarely cause deaths of people falling through broken glass tabletops, injuries are very common.

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Sudden Shattering, According to a CBS report, some types of oval glass top coffee table will suddenly break for no apparent reason. Because of the low industry standards for the glass is manufactured, there may be errors in the glass that sensitive environmental hazards and modifications. In particular, the changes in temperature and pressure – or the combination of those two – probably lead to the tables to break suddenly. Although this problem is not common, it is known to happen when manufacturers release inferior batch of glass.