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Portable outdoor fireplace – If the construction of a permanent structure is just not in the cards, either because of space or for economic reasons, you can still enjoy the benefits of an outdoor fireplace. Mexican style called chimneys fireplaces are very popular and available in different sizes. They consist of a base shaped like a circular bowl with a chimney attached. As with a conventional fireplace, the materials are burned to sit in the base and the smoke flows through the opening in the top of the chimney.

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If you decide to buy one make sure they are allowed in your area. As with any outdoor fireplace, the local regulations are checked for security reasons. An outdoor fireplace is great additions to owners who enjoy maximize their time outdoors. Whether it is permanent or portable outdoor fireplaces, big or small, an outdoor fireplace makes it an ideal meeting place for friends and family who come to visit.

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Portable outdoor fireplaces are fireplaces, firepots or chimneys that give the homeowner placement options and position settings. They can be moved around the patio or deck to fit the specific day or evening needs. For example, on a cold night, the portable fireplace can be created near the garden table and guests. Some of these types of outdoor fireplaces even come in the table design and is used to marshmallow or hot dog grilling. Portable fireplaces come in a variety of styles and prices and are usually available at hardware stores and retailers that sell outdoor furniture.

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Portable outdoor fireplace – Fireplaces can be a permanent addition to your home or in a portable container to use in your yard for fun family and friends. Many affordable forms and sizes are available. Outdoor fireplaces, like a portable fire pit, are a perfect way to enjoy a summer afternoon with friends or toasting marshmallows with your kids.

Portable outdoor fireplace such as a fireplace creates heat in the outer space without breaking your budget. Chimneys are usually very light and can easily be moved. Because of their design, they can be placed closer to home. They are usually made of ceramic but can also be found in cast iron. Place one in your patio for entertainment or just relax with a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Portable outdoor fireplace bowls designed with a metal lid can be used for outdoor cooking as well as entertainment. Peel off the top and have a grill lid to cook your favorite foods with friends and family. They usually come in black and bronze and are very portable. They are safe around your outdoor patio and create a lot of warmth considering their small size. For cooking and entertaining, it will last a long time. If you move, you can take it with you.