Making Laminate Table Tops Boards

Mar 17th
White Laminate Table Tops
White Laminate Table Tops

Laminate table tops – Laminating a kitchen counter top is an effective way to decorate a space with a simple touch. The use of laminated plastic on the counter can instantly give a new look finish, softer. Complete a rolling project is a moderately challenging job of it yourself, but can be done with patience and a little skill. Purchase a sheet of plastic laminate and all the other tools of a local Home Depot to do the job.

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To making laminate table tops are Preparation of the counter; Hammer in any protruding nails and fill cracks counters with wood putty. Measure the width and length of the counter. Court as the laminate according to the dimensions of the counter top using a router equipped with straight cut carbide tipped cutter 1/2 inches. Apply nonflammable adhesive laminate, preferably in contact with the cement at the top of the laminated board. Pour a moderate amount of cement in the center of the laminate and use a roller to evenly cover the entire board.

With its roller, apply a layer of adhesive cement to the top in vertical strokes. Using four to six pins as spacers to place correctly in the laminated counter top. Rolls laminate adhesive on the bottom laminate edge precept and apply it to the sides of the laminate table tops. From the center of the laminate, first remove the pin. Push down hard on the laminate with the roller to compress the laminated plate down on the counter, starting from the center and work your way out, until all areas have been covered laminate roll. Trim the overhang areas with laminate cutting router.

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