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Rectangular end table – If you are lucky enough to live close to a wooded area, you can copy these early examples of ingenuity, using just a few logs. These rustic pieces can be the focal point of any room when they add texture and charm, without changing an entire decor. Adding an iron drawer pull or a pair of deer antler candlesticks to complete the rustic charm.

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Cut a piece of pine slab size you imagine for the table. Facet cut the top edge to form a more natural look. Cut four pieces of three-quarter-inch pine for the sides of the table. Use a band knife to smooth fronts. Cut four logs of the same size to represent the legs of the table. Using a second rectangular end table to measure the length of the legs. Mortise tops of the legs by making a series of parallel cuts with a table saw to form a 3/4-inch wide groove in the two sides of the log. Dry-fit the pages into mortised joints.

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Run a bead of glue. Along the top edge of the sides and the top of the table leg. Setting pine slab at the top, and to make certain it is centered. Apply a natural wood finish to seal the rectangular end table. Cutting a three-pronged junction of branches from a tree. Even out of the slice of tree trunk using a belt sander. Drill a hole in the lower middle part of the underside of a tree trunk, Skive then insert a dowel screw. Cut the bottom to the correct height. Drill a hole in the top center of the dowel screw. Join the top and bottom by unscrewing the legs of dowel screw. Finish with mineral oil until the top has dried completely.