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Residential front doors are first thing visitors see your home. Well-chosen front doors add to exterior design of house, as well as presenting an impression about whom and what is inside. front doors come in many styles and materials. Often, doors are paired with awnings to shade area bright sun, house entryways of rain and increasing energy efficiency of house.

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Your front entrance is an expression of your personality and taste, as well as being part of design of house. Wide variety of door styles can make residential front doors a confusing prospect. Style of your home gives you an idea of ​​what type of door you need, but you are by no means limited to a choice. A colonial style may have a more modern look with a less traditional style door. His taste and imagination can be your guide.

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If you are creatively inclined, then one option is use of special glass paint and templates to create your own design on a glass door. Project is fun for kids, too, provided they use paint is washable. Paint can be removed and door redesigned as often as you see fit. Other ideas for decorating residential front doors include handmade curtains hanging for a romantic style or – to block heat and cold – Hanging thermal backed curtains.