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Modern front doors – In a modern house with clear, straight lines is a modern door the icing on the cake. You can choose different materials, colors and combinations, it is almost inevitable that you design a custom front door. There, and we want to help you. The material that is associated with the fastest being modern, is likely to be aluminum . Since it is a known metal, many think that it is better suited for a sleek look. It is true that aluminum fits perfectly with modern residential services or office, but for those who do not want to think of booths may wood or plastic also.

Posted on September 21, 2022 Front Doors

A full glass panel allows more natural light into your home. Do not want prying eyes? Then choose matte and / or patterned glass. The light remains undisturbed, but outsiders can not peek inside. One large glass panel appears you some too? Rather a lot of glass, but better distributed over the modern front doors? The glass partition can be horizontal, vertical and even diagonal. A single, smaller piece or multiple partitions. You decide where your heart will beat faster.

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Cross distributions may sound more traditional, but modern variations are extensive. Instead of a uniform distribution of the glass, you can reduce the glass to the top or bottom of the modern front doors. Playful also central, off balance, diagonally. You can not name it, and chances are that we have a similar drawing. The glass can also be arranged next to or above the door, by means of upper and sidelights. Left, right or both sides. On top of a rectangle, semicircle or oval: the gallery contains examples of our achievements, but in the showrooms you actually see more options.