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Decorative wagon wheels can be used as a means of decoration in a garden of flowers or plants outdoor setting. It does also can have a practical purpose for the garden and layout. While there are specific rules for how to incorporate a cartwheel in your garden furniture, you should use so that it fits your needs.

Posted on September 18, 2022 Decor

Education to use decorative wagon wheels in garden: choose a wagon wheel that suits your gardening needs. Select the path for the wagon wheel in your flower bed. If you want to use as background for your garden, place the wheel of the wagon behind the flowers or taller plants, or plants that are located further away in the flower bed.

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To use the wagon wheel to create a barrier between the smaller flowers and tall grass, make room for the wagon wheel between the two.

Secure the wagon wheel digging a small fold in the ground. The fold should be as wide as the perimeter wagon wheel and just be the length of the radius of the circle. Put the cartwheel in the crease, and then enter the soil dug up around the wheel to set in the ground. Place additional plants, flowers or plants around the decorative wagon wheels to incorporate it in the garden.