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Upholstered dining room chairs with new upholstery material is an inexpensive way to give worn, torn or stained chair for up to a fresh, clean look. Fabric upholstery classified as material works best; however, any type of strong fabric that is resistant to stains is suitable to upholstered dining room chairs. Measure the length and width of the seat of the chair. Add four inches on each side to determine the approximate size of the square of fabric.

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Turn the chair. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws holding the seat in place. Using the old square of fabric as a pattern. If the new fabric has a design, make sure it is centered and any stripes are lying straight. Place the new fabric on the seat. Fold the excess tissue and on the bottom of the seat.
Staple fabric to the seat base, maintaining tense the fabric.

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Place a staple every three centimeters along the sides of the seat. The ease of the fabric to fit around corners, stapling more closely to avoid bunching of the fabric. Place the new upholstered dining room chairs seat cover over the structure of the chair. Replace the screws to hold the seat of the chair.