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Front door threshold – The threshold for keeping your home airtight plays an important role. Install the correct threshold helps keep pests, but also to reduce cold drafts and to help maximize energy efficiency. Over time, you can experience wear and tear of foot traffic and exposure threshold of rain and snow. If you are still shows its age, take the time to replace them to ensure that you will continue to operate as intended.

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Open the door to expose the thresholds. The use of heavy draft front door threshold opens while you work, and remove the screws holding the Rails in place of the old. Wear safety goggles and divided the border using a reciprocating saw. If the sill of the metal, complete with metal blade saw for the first time. Disassembly using a hammer and pry bar threshold. If you are using a drill to remove screw attaching metal sill of the sill to the door before trying to load from the opening.

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Use the old sill as a template and to reduce the size by using the saw. Using a saber saw for cutting of metal the size limit for metal cutting. Disrupt any old sealing the thresholds. Sweep and clean the dirt on the front door threshold before proceeding. Look carefully for any signs of damage to the brink. If you notice signs of rot or insect damage, you need to make corrections to the brink before proceeding.