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Handcrafted nautical decor – A day dedicated to the sea or is one day bathing in the warm sunshine, feeling the sea breeze brush against your skin and listening to the hypnotic sounds of the ocean. Bring everything that relaxing at home with a nautical theme. Save yourself money by building some of the decorative items for your home and nautical theme by using building materials from low cost from the craft store. Even reuse some items you already have around the house, such as picture frames.

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Handcrafted nautical decor makes Seashell Picture Frame, Arena face picture frame with sandpaper under grain. Resulting blow the dust away. Cover the inside edge of the glass panel in the picture frame with masking tape. Tape fit right up against the frame. Spray frame with spray adhesive. Sprinkle sand in the frame until the entire frame is coated in a thin layer of sand. Let the adhesive dry for two hours. Carefully tape frame on the work surface to release any loose sand of the plot.

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Remove the tape from the glass frame. Use a hot glue gun to attach low temperature for seashells frame on top of the sand. Leave some space between the shells so the sample through the sand. Also, use sea shells in a variety of shapes and sizes. Allow the glue cool for five minutes before using the framework to maintain an image handcrafted nautical decor.