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Live edge dining table are the variegated wood, with streaks of brown and black stripes. This wood has a wide range of colors. It is designed for contemporary inner design for restaurants and cafes. When lacquered, it shows a beautiful red color maroon. A furniture that is perfect for a retro-themed resto.

Posted on August 28, 2019 Dining Table

Live edge dining table has a design that is truly remarkable. This table is all natural. No legs or feet, just simple plain wood. Bark edges polished and smoothed with enhanced detailing. Its red rubber wood produces a fine red stripped. It provides an excellent display in the center of the restaurant is cozy carpeted. Surround with a sofa or sofa chair. Use colors that precisely match each other.

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A live edge dining table designed by Fanuli Classic. He is designer furniture from Italy and Australia. It is inspired by the lifestyle and the beauty of the famous mistress of Louis XV. It is designed with a square shape and extension at the end of the table. It also has hidden leaf stored internally and painted with white color. This will provide a larger display for customers. It is fully padded with a unique design. It is a new course for our subscribers. It has an incredible presence in interior design for restaurants or cafes.