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The first thing to consider is the total size of your bathroom and the space where you want to put the “vanity”. If your bathroom is small, then you can also limit this 36 inch bathroom vanity to a smaller size, but if you have some space to work with you then you will have several more options, including two sink styles (see image). To make sure you are getting an appropriate fit, measure the area where you are going to be placing the vanity accurately.

Posted on August 27, 2019 Bathroom Vanity

Next, what is the expected function of your new vanity? Knowing the answer to this question will help you better determine what kind of vanity will best suit your needs. If you think you need a lot of storage space, then a cabinet style would be something to consider. 36 inch bathroom vanity works well for families with children due to storage potential and durability. How many people usually use the bathroom? If it is intended for a room or a half bath, then a vanity sink will not have any problem.

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If the bathroom is shared by two or more people this double sinks would be the right way to go. Once you have determined your space and the function that this bathroom fixture can have, focus your attention on the 36 inch bathroom vanity style that suits not only your needs but also your decor. These bathroom accessories are available in a variety of different materials such as wood, glass, ceramic and stone.