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Rectangular patio table – Garden furniture has become a point of high demand, especially during warm weather. Families and friends enjoy time outdoors and constantly need more seating and table space. Building a good rectangular table is a low-cost task you and your group outdoor entertainment benefit for many years to come. A wood 36 inches by 48 inches rectangular table is the perfect size for seating as well as holding food or drink. Several of these tables can be easily constructed if more space is needed table.

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Build a rectangular patio table, Measure 6 inches from each end of the 36 – inch 2 – by – 4. Line one 4 by 4 at each location. Hammer in four nails 5 inch by 2-by-4 at the top of 4 by 4. Measure in 6 inches from each end of the six 6 2-for-and mark these places with a pencil. Set all six boards next to each other horizontally for together form a rectangular area of 36 inches by 48 inches with measuring marks facing up.

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Cover nailing the 2-for-4 with a layer of wood glue side. Line two 2-by-4 vertically against the rows of 2-by-6 in 6 – inch marks. Flip the structure on standing position so the 4-by-4 act as table legs. Hammer two 3 – inch nails evenly spaced in each 2 by 6 in position 2-by-4. Paint the rectangular patio table with polyurethane using the large brush. You leave polyurethane to dry completely before using the rectangular patio table. Apply a second coat if necessary.