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Instructions For Cribs With Changing Table Combo – Crib 4 Life cribs with changing table combo and other furniture are designed to keep useful throughout multiple steps or your child’s life. The cribs can be converted into beds, and dressers can be turned into desk. But before your child needs a bed and a desk, she will need a changing table. The Crib 4 Life Cube and 3-drawer dresser models can also function as a changing table.

Posted on August 26, 2019 Changing Table

Instructions for changing cribs with changing table combo are 3-drawer Dresser, Remove drawers from your Crib 4 Life Dresser. Set 3-drawer Crib 4 Life Agency on its flat end, with the grooved side of the box up. When 3-drawer dresser sitting on its flat end, it acts as both a dresser and changing table the changing table is built into the top of the dresser in this configuration. When the agency turned upside down sitting on the knurled end it works like a traditional office, with useful bench space.

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Next instructions for cribs with changing table combo, Remove dresser’s drawers. Turn each drawer over, horizontal, 180 degrees, and then replace them in the crib 4 Life agency. Flipping the drawers makes them useful when switching between 3-drawer dresser standard addresses policy and its inverted changing table configuration. Place the changing table pad on top of the bureau. Align the pad flush with the ridged guards at the top of the agency. Remove any objects that sit on top of the cube addresses. Push the Cube tool booth, to reveal the changing table below. Slide the upper left side of the left chest of drawers, fully extend the tool stand. You can place your changing material on the tool stand. Line the top of the cube with the changing table pad. Set padding flush with the walls of the changing table on top of the cube.