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Tabletop fireplace – There are many types of fireplaces, but we associate with that name universally, are the French fires. When the chimney is integrated into the end of a long narrow room, the proportions of the room need to be considered. Shorten the length of the room visually with careful placement of a carpet, a living room horizontally to the chimney and wall decor. Create a consistent style with some design tricks.

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Tabletop fireplace, paint the walls a soft earth tone or subtle pastel. This will give your room an open and airy look. Dark or bright colors will make the room appear to be closer. Focus a great accent rug in front of the fireplace to define their living space. A general pattern in the carpet will bring attention to this area and visually shorten the room.

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Black Tabletop FireplaceSize: 1500 x 1500

Tabletop Fireplace TabSize: 1000 x 715

Tabletop FireplaceSize: 1059 x 960

Bio Tabletop FireplaceSize: 1280 x 854

Tabletop fireplace, place a long sofa long side of the mat for sitting at a right angle to the fireplace. Place a table accent by the end closest to the fireplace sofa. Set a reading lamp height above the table, which will add height. Place a large square coffee table so that it is centered on the front of your couch. Set a tall vase of flowers on top of the table.