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Round wood table tops – The best thing about using a round table in space is the energy and the atmosphere created. Fang shun principles tend to encourage the use of round shapes in order to promote peace. The round shape is designed to keep you and your guests get caught and hooked on jagged edges. You may experience this with tables of square or rectangular shape. Use this table to encourage socializing and relaxing in your room.

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Choose your round wood table tops based on the theme and aesthetic design of your room. Consider the size of space, and make sure you choose the table is proportional to it. Measure the height of your sofa or chairs at the table goes before. Choose a table that is lower than your sofa. Choose a pair of coasters to complement your table. This will protect you from getting ruined by the condensation of its glassware.

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Use your round wood table tops to display a picture book. Place a live plant in it too. This will improve the appearance of the table, while not in use. Use your coffee table as the center for collection. Add candles and put some occasional chairs and bean bags, or stacking up cushions around. Invite your friends for a quiet and casual evening. Put a beautiful tablecloth on it and use some small plates of food. Make room for wine, and guests can either keep their wine glasses or a set of them on the table at will.