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Bathroom Vanity Mirrors – A three-sided mirror makes a good complement to any bedroom, dressing room or bathroom. These standalone vanity mirrors are created from purchased mirrors or those that are specially cut. Pure design without standing, legs or sockets destroy the lines in the mirror. these vanities mirror using hinges so that the mirror to stand upright.

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Note the interior style of the room where the Bathroom Vanity Mirrors will be placed in order to select a suitable style for the mirror. For example, geometric shapes with simple lines work best with modern, minimalist or utilitarian space. Buy three mirrors that fit the space, or have three mirrors that are specially cut for your needs. Glass-cutting companies and some hardware stores can cut the mirrors on size. If desired, request decorative etching. You need either three mirrors of the same size, or a larger mirror and two smaller ones. Put your mirrors on hardboard or flat wood support, and drag them around with a pen to create a template.

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Cut the template pieces with a jigsaw saw until you have three separate pieces of wood the same shape and size as your three mirrors. Grind the edges of each piece of wood for a smooth surface. Because wood pieces will be behind the mirror and will not be visible, no further finishing is required. Glue each Bathroom Vanity Mirrors on the corresponding wood hardboard with silicone glue. The silicone adhesive creates a waterproof seal so that the mirror is used in damp areas such as a bathroom or shower room. Allow the glue to dry completely.