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Table bases for glass tops – Pillars are excellent bases for glass table tops adorn the rooms of a more formal decor. You can find numerous colors and styles of the pillars in department stores, craft centers and home improvement stores. For a truly personalized design, buy white, unfinished pillars in your local ceramics and painting with the colors of your choice.

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Pillars table bases for glass tops come in a variety of sizes and heights, allowing you to create small accent tables with a pillar, or use several large tables for dining or screen. For very radical styles and different customization, incorporate some of your favorites in your database design table to create an appearance of glass box that shows your personality into your decorating themes.

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Skateboarders and fans can make a glass table that shows your love for the sport by placing skateboards face down on a wooden base. Rubber wheels – on a flat cutting or sanding – ideal plugs to keep the glass in place, but first must be subject to deactivate spinning. Music lovers can put a big base drum on its side and place a round glass slab on top of it to create a low standing coffee table. See some pictures of table bases for glass tops for your inspiration.