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Saarinen oval dining table – The table can be combined with all other products and is found in many variants, such as dining and side table. And there is with oval plates. The large oval table has a length of 244 cm. Part of what makes it special is its table Saarinen pedestal base. When it comes to identifying a Saarinen table by the original design of the base, note that these table bases are made of cast aluminum. The base is made of a single piece of metal.

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The Saarinen oval dining table comes with boards made of multiple materials. White and gray marble is common, but can also come with a wood, laminate or granite. What you will not find is a table with a board Saarinen plastic or metal, so steer clear if you encounter one. The top has a beveled edge rounding gently from the top and then bends down to create its sharp edge, which is also a little more suitable for children. A flat edge is another clear indication of a bad replica. Saarinen marble tables have little less than 1 inch thick, while the tables are rolling about 1 1/4 inches thick. The Saarinen tables only come in round or oval shapes.

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The pedestal base is linked to the table with a single threaded rod, which runs through the center of the base. If the Saarinen oval dining table is upside down, you will see the screw in the center of the bottom and no other screws. When the Saarinen oval dining table is upright, you cannot have screws that attach the base to the top.