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Teak Coffee Table – If you would like hard wearing, durable garden furniture which looks good and it is low maintenance, a teak table is that the ideal solution. You are able to treat the surface with teak furniture care to keep its current color or leave it to weather for any silver grey effect. You are able to see that upon the simple dovetail joins on our coffee tables as well as rough and raw reverse exposed stitching on our sofas. You are able to see it inside the workmanship on our stools and also the turned and tapered legs on our lounge chairs.

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Teak coffee table everywhere you appear right all the way down to the brass screws that hold our chairs together and also the mortice and tenon joinery on your tables. Your furniture is uncomplicated; it’s beautifully designed using traditional craftsmanship from an easy palette of the most effective materials and it is perfect for use throughout the day.

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Best Teak Coffee TableSize: 1088 x 816

Diy Teak Coffee TableSize: 1000 x 1000

Large Teak Coffee TableSize: 1152 x 768

Simple Teak Coffee TableSize: 1023 x 680

Teak Coffee Table DesignSize: 1023 x 680

Top Teak Coffee TableSize: 1023 x 855

Choosing an outdoor teak coffee table may be a big decision. It is going to be probably the most significant pieces with your outdoor space so it is really essential that you have it right. Seating configuration and size are two big decisions but material choice is likewise key. Do not avoid materials due to maintenance, quality materials age well and you may bring them to life for a long time to come.

DIY Coating Teak Coffee Table

Teak coffee tableTeak coffee table Teak wood is often used for garden furniture, because it is durable and has a high oil content, which makes it water-resistant. However, teak is still susceptible to other harmful factors like dust and animal feces. Finish your teak coffee table with a coating of tung oil will help protect against everything it could harm.

If your teak coffee table is not new, you must surface to remove dirt before you can apply a finish. Mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid with water in a bucket and clean the timber thoroughly. Allow the wood to dry for 4 hours before continuing. RUB the entire surface of the timber with a copper or brass wool pad. Stick teak brightener to the surface of the wood. Allow the solution to sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Pour some tung oil on the surface of the wood. Work the oil into the wood with a soft cloth until no more oil will not absorb more maybe for 2 hours. Apply a second layer of oil over the first. In general, this coat will require less time to apply, because the pores of the wood are now full. Allow the oil to dry overnight before your teak coffee table.