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Saarinen coffee table – A lively family does not have to force you to compromise on slick designs for functional furniture. Sometimes, all you need is a piece of the original designer to complete your room.

Posted on August 18, 2019 Coffee Table

Saarinen coffee table is one of the beautiful parts such as furniture that not only make your room looks extravagant but can also be passed on to your children in the future. This table was designed by Finnish-American architect and designer Eero Saarinen. His iconic dining table design is easily recognizable by a very unique feature. This table has a column that is derived from a curved base that supports a round or oval table.

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Saarinen Coffee TableSize: 880 x 686

As you know, every master piece is the attraction and everyone wants to benefit from it. The Saarinen coffee table is one of the master piece as it has been replicated and out there in the market. How do you differentiate? You need to find some special features, and to please you, we have made your job easy. We have found what to look for and share with you, read on to learn. An original Saarinen Dining Table is equipped with a table top and base, each made with two different materials. Basic is made of heavy molded cast aluminum covered with a thick protective layer called Rilsan.