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Round nesting tables – Known as nested tables, nesting tables or a nest of tables, these items of furniture are popular at home because of its flexibility. Nested tables can be used in any room of the house, since they are not designed specifically for one type of use and because of his small stature that can fit in any size room. Nested tables are essentially a set of tables that fit inside each other game. A set of tables tends to comprise three to five tables, each one descending size so that they can be stacked together to take up less space. Instead of resting itself, these tables are stacked so that stands individually on their own table legs.

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These types of tables are essentially pieces of auxiliary furniture such as chairs and tables or folding tend to be stored in their stacked position until needed. They are useful when customers visit because a table can be removed from the stack and placed beside a chair for the guest to have a place to set your drink or one can be used as a dining table TV and placed again in the stack after use. The tables are sometimes used individually as round nesting tables in a separate room or for use around the house in different rooms.

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The original types of round nesting tables were constructed from wood.  Wood versions tend to be made from a single piece of wood that curves in tabular form, with the wood grain flowing to one side, along the top and down the other side. This type of round nesting tables generally comprises three tables to the series. Other materials include glass, plastic and chromium.