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Weathered wood coffee table-Coffee table set in front of the sofa or a set of armchairs in the living room and family room. Make your own weathered wood coffee table using the wood to make a base and top – or by making the bases of the items found around the house or at garage sales. The base should be sturdy and proportional to the table space. A suitable location was needed to set the coffee cups while relaxing on a couch. The low, wide table that was placed in front of a sofa, a coffee table, met that need.

Posted on August 16, 2019 Coffee Table

Instructions for making weathered wood coffee table. Cut the four top rails to the base, using a saw. The guides should go the table, either in the plane of the edge or from the edge to form a lip. Fasten the rails – with L-brackets, screws and a screwdriver – to the tabletop. Chisel one of the corners of each of the legs to make a flat surface for the bolt. The flat edge should out from the table rails with snugged in the table rails. Drill holes through the legs and table runners and attach the legs with the bolts. Tighten the screws with wing nuts to secure the legs will not wobble.

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