Rattan Coffee Table: Perfect For Your Home

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Today we propose ideas furniture wicker or rattan coffee table, two very similar materials that are perfect for home furniture because of its beauty and strength. We will list some of designs, types of development and own furniture wicker or rattan finishes. First we have “kooboo gray” highly sought after today. It turns out that to achieve this so original grayness rattan should be submerged in mud for at least two days. Abaca rattan wood is black banana tree that can only be found in Philippines. outer layer is removed and only layer called pelepah used. Once sun has dried material is ready to be twisted and present some very original hues.

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Next type of rattan coffee table is natural banana, this being a variation of above with difference that can be found practically all over Indonesia. In this case also they use inner layers of tree, and colors that presents tend to be somewhat clearer such as brown, ecru and beige.

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Finally there is Seagrass rattan coffee table, which is made with wild weeds. originality of this material is that once besides being tough enough dry continues to maintain a very original light green color, but also can be decorated with paintings. Once seen characteristics of different types of rattan, we can begin to distinguish and see some of latest designs for garden furniture.