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Oval glass coffee table – Double-column basis for an oval glass coffee table and corrugated boxes found on the packing and supply stores, and cheap plastic trays are used as casting forms. In addition to its use as bases, can support the weatherproof concrete columns birdbaths or sundials for striking additions to the garden. By mixing of the concrete with peat moss and vermiculite, was designed a lightweight hypertrophy stone for the columns.

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Create a base oval glass coffee table makeup, Mix 20 pounds of Portland cement, and 20 pounds of peat moss and 20 kilos of vermiculite in the wheelbarrow with the trowel. Add water, a cup at a time, and mix until the cement is the consistency of oatmeal. Open a short side of a cardboard box and remove the flaps with the craft knife. Attach the short side of the box to the plywood plate with the duct tape. Spray the plastic bowls with the release spray. Fill the bowls with the concrete mixture and smooth the top with the trowel.

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Dry the cement for 48 hours. Rip the cardboard columns and pull the cement from the bowls. Attach the bottom of cup-shaped form cement at the end of a cement column with the epoxy adhesive. Place the base of the remaining cup-like shape to the other side of the column. Attach the bowl-shaped forms to the remaining cement column. Let the glue dry for 24 hours. Place to complete the columns next to each other under the oval glass on the oval glass coffee table.