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Mercury Table Lamp – Mercury table lamp Mercury is a metallic element peculiar atmospheric conditions that is in liquid state we all remember the very common until recently-mercury thermometers. For the environment is a highly persistent pollutant very harmful for both human being and for the environment. Because of its high volatility it can spread quickly, or condense into small droplets. Reacts in aqueous medium to give methyl mercury, considered a serious pollution problem that accumulates in the tissues of fish and through the tropic chain reaches our table.

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Today its use is restricted, but there is an increasingly important application where it is permitted: the manufacture of light bulbs or mercury table lamp. It is true that each lamp incorporates a very small amount of mercury, and developing new technologies will make it still can be further reduced.

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Because replacing traditional incandescent bulbs by mercury table lamp, they are increasingly those who end their service life and end up in a waste treatment center. In this way presents an emission source of mercury vapors increasingly important: recycling plants compact incandescent lamps.

To prevent mercury emissions abroad, the best solution is to suck air in the crushing / dismantling and pass by a specific activated carbon filter. Alphachem recommended as the most suitable one source activated carbon impregnated bituminous elemental sulfur, as Alphacarb HG, available in 4mm pellets, and which by its nature can be incorporated into filters, cartridges, trays or deep bed equipment.