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Reclaimed wood dining room table – Unit Dining room is often sold as a complete set, with matching table, chairs identical and matching china closet. But is this really necessary? We can create a cohesive design of the dining room of a collection of different pieces of furniture, if we use a little technique imaginative decor. Let the art of reclaimed wood, for example. Wood salvaged from demolished buildings is often recycled into new furniture is beautiful.

Posted on July 21, 2019 Dining Room Table

Because of the wood used is from a variety of sources, often also different types and colors. When used to make furniture types reclaimed wood dining room table, often cause a spectrum of colors in one piece of furniture, as well as differences in the texture of the piece to piece in the set. In such cases, maintaining a consistent design or finish might be enough to bind the decorating theme together cohesively.

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If reclaimed wood dining room table is clearly made from old wooden barn door, then collect the chairs that look like a milking stool kept consistent theme decor country, without having to buy a set of matching. If the table is made of a cross section of a tree trunk, seats made of large cross-section of the branch would appear to be set to match, even if no two have exactly the same grain pattern.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table Modern

Reclaimed wood dining room table – simplicity and the use of natural ingredients is the key to Zen style furniture. Open, neat space must combine with the soft furnishings, the texture soft cloth and mild, to allow easy flow of energy in the home, help towards greater clarity of mind and soul.

Reclaimed wood dining room table such as solid teak from Indonesia is ideal for Zen design furniture. Reclaimed wood style delivers quality, strength and depth of the color of mature wood, with no impact on the world’s natural resources. Furniture building techniques traditionally used in Indonesia, also adds to the quality of the finished part. Care and attention to detail will instill furniture with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Reclaimed wood dining room table available in the form of a circular and a rectangular shape is more widely used. It can be said that the circular table closer to the culture of Zen because it allows families or groups to come together without nominating a “head”. This creates a feeling of equality in family groups of friends sitting together. The principles behind the minimalist Zen culture require no unnecessary items in the dining room, to help the flow of energy.

DIY Finishing of Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table

If you add some unexpected importance and cool effects to your wish would reclaimed wood dining room table, you have plenty of options. In fact, you can fearlessly when working with reclaimed wood because any mistakes you make will only be character. Consider your reclaimed wood dining room table in an unexpected color like lime green, bright orange or hot pink spots. Wildly colored wood stains can add a bright pop of color to your room without covering the beautiful natural grain of your table reclaimed wood. Stain your dining room table one color, or if it is made of multiple boards or random pieces, consider staining of several pieces randomly in different colors and leave some immaculate shelves. Although your reclaimed wood dining room table probably some harrowing, a heavily distressed piece makes an eye-catching focal point. Add nail holes in random groups and patterns, make dents by defeating your list with a hammer or a large piece of heavy chain, and sandy edges and areas that naturally get the most wear. Do not worry about removing the stain or chipping paint. This is added to the distressed look and charm of your reclaimed wooden dining room table. That’s all awesome way right?