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Resin patio table – Resin or plastic patio furniture does not usually need to be painted. The material is so robust and weatherproof low maintenance. You may, however, be tired of the color of your patio table or chairs. If so, use a plastic spray paint can instantly transform your patio furniture and give your outdoor space overnight a new look.

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Refinish resin patio table, clean patio furniture resin thoroughly with an ammonia – based cleaner. Coat new furniture with a thin layer of paint and brush with steel wool to remove the layer of glossy finish. Remove the paint thinner with a damp cloth. Place the furniture in the yard or driveway and hose it off with the nozzle of the hose to secure the highest possible pressure. Remove any solution dust, cobwebs and cleaning is sitting on the surface of the furniture. Let the furniture dry. Sand furniture with sandpaper medium grain to create some texture on furniture, allowing the paint to adhere to the surface and create a more durable finish. Clean all sanding dust with damp cloths.

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How to refinish resin patio table, tape off areas that do not want to paint with masking tape low grip. Arrange the furniture in a tarp to protect the driveway or lawn paint. Spray furniture using spray paint formulated for plastic. Spray furniture with a movement back and forth constantly, slightly overlapping with each pass of the aerosol can.  Apply two or three coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry to the touch, usually an hour before applying the next layer. Allow the paint to dry for seven days before use to avoid chipping paint furniture.