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Vegetable garden fence ideas – To keep your garden hungry bugs, an electric fence may be your answer. An electric garden fence is effective and inexpensive, especially if you do it yourself installation and use of solar energy charger. Installing electric fence before the growing season is always the best, as it will be easier to keep animals out of your garden before they get used to eat in your garden.

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Insert a position in each of the four corners of your vegetable garden fence ideas. Insert posts around the sides of your garden, the spacing of the posts about eight feet away. Slide two connectors for each position, ensuring one to six inches above the ground and the other about 30 feet off the ground.

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Place the solar panel charger in a concrete block near one of the vegetable garden fence ideas posts. Choose a location for your charger that receives full sun all day. Make sure that the solar panel faces the sun at noon. Insert the ground rod in a wet area next to where you are installing the charger. Hammer the rod into the ground so that it is completely on the ground, except for two to three centimeters above the ground.