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Have you broken lamp shades for table lamps? Want to give another style different? Lampshades over time and use often end up breaking or often remain somewhat faded. Therefore, in following we are going to give an example on how to fix and recover a lampshade. Don’t miss it!

Posted on July 14, 2019 Table Ideas

First thing we do is clear lamp shades for table lamps to remove any dust and dirt. To do this, we use dry cloth or a cloth moistened with a little water. In case of using water, will have to wait for it to dry well. To fix screen use clear contact tail. As in this case has been released of screen, apply glue on both sides and joining areas and fix it. So that joint is quite right, we will have to wait for it to dry thoroughly, exerting some pressure to not then release.

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Once we have well lamp shades for table lamps, we can change look. In our case, we will use acrylic paint same color as base of lamp. To paint screen, use a special roller for very fine finishes. Finally, we can decorate little screen with living fabric that will give a different and personal touch to lamp.