Protect The Top Of A Wicker Patio Dining Table

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Wicker patio dining table – It is traditional to use wicker tables as patio and porch furniture. However, if a wicker table is exposed to the weather, to the wicker fade, dry out, become moldy or otherwise begin to break down. You have the table as quickly as clean as you notice problems. If the table is painted, you can repaint the wicker and close it to make it look like new. These types of preventive measures can add years to the life of your table.

Posted on July 4, 2019 Dining Table

Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Mix a bucket of hot water with 1/2 cup of bleach. Scrub the wicker table with a stiff brush and bleach. Let the bleach sit on the wicker and the table has a lot of mildew stains. Sand any glossy painted areas of the light table if you are going to repaint the wicker patio dining table. This allows the new paint can to keep the reeds.

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Place the wicker patio dining table on plastic sheeting in a place that has a moderate temperature and out of direct sunlight. Select a spray paint for wooden surfaces in the desired color. Spray paint the wicker using long, even strokes. Keep your spray can to create an equal distance from the reed to a uniform layer. Thin layers are better than thick coats. Spray the top and bottom of the table. Spray a No yellowing clear coat finish on all surfaces of the table to further protect the table from the elements.