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Contemporary side tables have always been used as most practical way to fill those places and empty spaces left unused in living room of house. In addition to completing space and did not look lonely, they served as perfect support for objects such as fixed telephone, a vase or a table lamp.

Posted on June 25, 2019 Sofa & Side

But today side tables are much more than that. In today’s homes, where boundaries of rooms are much more permanent than classical homes and spaces are multifunctional, use contemporary side tables has spread from living room to other areas of house. Its design has been greatly enriched and we can find side tables with shapes, colors, materials and styles as varied. There are side tables with suggestive designs that can go from being a child object to be cabinet on that fall all eyes in room in which it is located.

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And if we seek a versatile table that can be used as a contemporary side tables attached anywhere in house, nothing like a table light and easy to move, to place it where it is most needed in each case: to support beside couch, near dining table and occasional furniture for a meal, such as coffee table for improvised a ‘pecking’ … wherever it is placed, such small side table and light is an essential complement.