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Coffee Table Reclaimed Wood – Interior design trends are constantly changing over the years, and it seems that this is basic stuff for a place to stay. At present, people will tend to choose furniture made of rustic wood or old wood reclaimed on its surface, the color shade, or scars and blemishes. Rather than decorate their homes with carving perfect, great art, people want to talk and start a conversation.

Posted on June 22, 2019 Coffee Table

Furniture that has a unique history will certainly attract attention and also reap the high value of the investment. Due to their unique appearance and have a history. And you never know what the story is contained rustic coffee table reclaimed woodfrom the table itself, for it is made from reclaimed wood has been used to support some of the famous old building. Or life as a piece of furniture from some famous people!

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Rustic coffee table is one of the most popular. If you give your home a makeover rural, coffee table reclaimed wood material is a must. Rustic coffee table is usually made of reclaimed wood / wood that was used in old buildings, old furniture, barrels of wine etc. The wood pieces, contrary to popular belief today, very strong and magnificent though very old. This is because they are made from a tree that grew in the 20th century. That’s when things get really zero pollution. Reclaimed wood used not only as history and strength, but also to promote environmental awareness.