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Pallet picnic table – Building a picnic table is interesting because you will be able to choose its dimensions. Gone are the standard imposed by some marks or signs of large distribution, you have the freedom! The plate is one of the most important parts. Failing to be composed of a single board will be set up using plank fir or pine-type shuttering board. The use of such boards is interesting because it is the boards that exist in various lengths, including long lengths.

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Pallet picnic table, take 4 plates of 20 cm wide and the length you want your table. The thickness is standardized, count 3 cm.  Planning on 4 sides boards using an electric plane. The assembly can be done as for the base, or using special wood screws or using glue. Benches are composed of a portion called the seat and a fixation.

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Pallet picnic table the seat is tailored in a shuttering board. Take two boards 20 cm wide and 1.50 m long having a thickness of 3 cm.  Screw the two boards on both legs to 30cm of soil. Take two boards with 3 cm thick, 20 cm wide and long, the length of the table, careful not to exaggerate the length of the table, a picnic table usually measure no more than 2 meters. Planning on 4 faces these two boards. These boards will form the basis where the two benches of the picnic table.