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Bronze Coffee Table – Add bronze paint to refinish a metal table has been reused or to update the look to match your decor. This project-it-yourself takes time to set the table, including sanding and priming the surface. You need to do this when working with the metal surface to prevent oxidation to ruin the table. Complete the work in a well ventilated area and protect your skin from harsh chemicals. With a little effort and effort, you have a piece that will last many years.

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Instructions: 1. Clean the surface of the earth and remove traces of loose paint. 2. Sand the surface of the bronze coffee table with sandpaper middle grade. If the table is rusty, remove rust using a brush, sandpaper or acid solvent. 3. Clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust from the sandpaper. Let dry. 4. If the table is made ​​of galvanized metal, wipe the surface with lacquer thinner or solvent that is designed to remove oil application. Galvanized metal is silver metal with a thin layer of zinc. This coating helps prevent corrosion, but must be removed to allow the new paint to adhere. 5. Apply primer to the table. Choose the type of primer suitable metal depending on whether the bronze coffee table is rusty or has a clean surface.

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Bronze Coffee Table FrameSize: 1000 x 1000