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Small Bathroom Vanities – Small bathrooms seem like a decorating challenge, but making decor changes in a small space usually takes less time and money than redoing a larger space. You often get vanity in small bathrooms, even though they take up valuable floor space. If you want to keep your small bathroom vanity due to budget constraints or practical storage space it creates, decorate it to make your space feel bigger and not overload the other elements of the room.

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Select decorative accessories that are discreet. Metallic soap dishes and pumps add elegance without limiting the space seems messy. Look for soap containers that have clean lines and coordinate with other metals in your Small Bathroom Vanities. Keep soaps neutral in color and design so that they do not impair the simple feel of your soap cup. Remove towels from vanity top to keep out of space and make your bathroom appear as a larger and more inviting area. Put on a simple towel ring on the wall instead.

Hang towels that coordinate with your shower curtain and bath rugs. Keep consistent color throughout the space to help it feel more streamlined. Store all personal products out of sight. Buy storage containers or drawers that fit easily under Small Bathroom Vanities, behind closed doors. Most department stores sell trash baskets and organization boxes of various sizes that are perfect for cosmetics, jewelry, creams and other bathroom products. When space is limited, using hidden storage spaces keeps personal things from taking over.