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Bar height patio table set are available in different versions. These can all metal or steel chairs with a matching table. Or they can come in a range of colors such as blue, red, yellow or green. The tables are usually small and round and the seats have a low back and armrests. Occasionally you can also double seats, which look like two chairs connected. You could add mix-and-match patio sets together as a double session in the green with two single chairs where one is red and the other blue. Also add one or two tables, depending on how much space is available.

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Adding strings of lights around a patio cover to complete bar height patio table set. These can be small strings of lights, like those found on Christmas, or larger, decorative strings of lights in shapes such as flowers or bulbs. Retro tablecloths can be placed on the patio table; or use of vintage scarves decorates at the back of the chair seats or chairs.

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Place a condiment server on bar height patio table set, like the ones you might have seen in a 50s diner, combined with a retro napkin dispensers and squeeze bottles for mustard and ketchup. Have the stainless steel salt and pepper shakers in the condiment server and place striped straws in one of the openings. Use the red and yellow plastic baskets for food and colored glass jars used for serving drinks. Use cups and glasses with dots, stripes or colored frosted glass for serving drinks.