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The striking color decoration adds more style and originality, elegance and personality all home. Everyone wants to have a striking decor, where colors are used in furniture style living to generate and joy throughout the home; however these environments are difficult to achieve, since few furnishings made ​​with vibrant colors, so is that it provides a new alternative, and that is to create a pallet coffee table using recycled.   Build a coffee table is very easy and economical, with only having to hand sanding and painting can give up to preparation of this table.

Posted on June 14, 2019 Coffee Table

All materials required to construct it are common and easily available egg rubber feet is needed, three pallet coffee table of wood , silicone based, sanding, painting and hammer. The first thing you should do is sand the surface of the pallet, looking away dirt and any imperfections possessing reaching the surface results in a completely smooth surface so it can be painted.

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Wood Pallet Coffee TableSize: 1200 x 900

It should be painted with acrylic enamel and allowed to dry for coffee table. Pallets are then taken in the direction they go and start drilling or hammering. Silicone brackets on the upper pallet coffee table will, thus the glass will not support onto this timber.