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Outdoor patio coffee table – It is possible to make a coffee table base from almost any object, provided that it will allow table top to be stuck across it. Using interesting and unusual materials to make a coffee table base, it is best to use a clear glass or Plexiglas surface to your table to show base, you have created.

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Turn an ordinary cement outdoor plant holder in an outdoor patio coffee table base. Choose a large planter of appropriate dimensions and make sure it has flat edges. Collect old ceramics with various designs, lay on a hard flat surface outdoors, and cover with a cloth and smash with a hammer. Paint clay pot with a layer of clear PVA glue to make it less porous. Cover pot with grout (you can buy colored grout from DIY stores to match your decor), and begin to push shards of clay until entire pool is covered. Let dry before adding your countertop.

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Car lovers can create a themed outdoor patio coffee table base using old tires. This type of base will work well with a round glass. Simply pile enough tires on top of each other until you reach desired height. Secure together by means of liquid latex. texture of rubber prevents glass from slipping, so all you have to do is place glass on top of final tire.