The Difference Between A Formal Dining Room Tables

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Formal dining room tables – The design used for your dining room depends on whether you prefer a formal or informal area. Some dining rooms are best suited for the formal decoration, while others lend themselves to a more casual look. The location of the room in collaboration with how you plan to use the space allows you to determine the best design style.

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Formal dining room tables are typically a room of their own, while an informal dining room sometimes shares space with the kitchen or living room. The formal dining area can have a door that closes off the kitchen and the rest of the house. Pass-through dining halls also sit separate from the other rooms, but they open doors that allow you to go through the dining area from room to room. A pass-through room is less formal of a separate room, but because of its separateness can still be used as a formal or informal space.

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Accessories complete the look of the formal dining room tables, be it formal or informal. A chandelier or pendant light offers more formal option when centered over the dining room table. Silver or crystal candlesticks, jugs and dishes are more formal glass or ceramic materials.