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Ideas diy fire pit table – problem with some fireplaces is that you have to sit down to cook your food and move somewhere else to eat it. A table fire pit eliminates this need. How to ideas diy fire pit table? Simply dig up sod in an area with no overhanging branches or near flammable items. Circle must be at least 10 feet in diameter. Spread about 2 inches of sand in whole circuit. Stable 1-foot-square granite retaining wall blocks in a 5-foot-wide, three-foot-high circle in middle of sand. Fill rest of circle with sleeper stones or bricks that radiate out from central fire pit. Filling areas between rocks or bricks with your sod. Height and width of container and stones you can cook your food and eat in same place.

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Because there is no need to empty ash or continuously replenish fire pit with wood, consider making core of a table to get most out of room taking it up on terrace. Ideas diy fire pit table can be constructed of flame-resistant stones or concrete, which later may be tile for decorative accents. Base and support in table, a single central pillar of support that will hide all gas lines and end in fire pit top. Make sure tabletop is large enough to hold table settings without people being directly on top of fire, and either surround with patio chairs of appropriate height or, for something more permanent, construct stone benches to match table.

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