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Base for glass table – A table glass is a beautiful piece of furniture for home. Glass-topped tables allow users to see through the table surface to admire the beauty of the base of the structure. Having the ability to see the base of the structure emphasizes the importance of having a well-crafted base. The base of the table can be easily constructed to draw attention to any dinner guest. Directions to make base for glass table: 1) Mount the structure of the base table; 2) Glue the base of the table; 3) Attach the legs; 4) Paint the base, use black ink and paint a brush structure; 5) Attach the pieces at the base. Thinnest apply a layer of mortar surrounding the entire surface of the table top; 6) Trailer tiles. Apply a layer of plaster mortar with each space between the tiles. Remove any excess grout with a wet sponge. The last direction to make base for glass table is attach the glass. Mark the center of each corner tile and make a small hole through the mark. Insert the suction cups in the perforated site. Gently, center the glass top on the base of the structure.

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