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With a few tools and supplies, making simple round dining tables 5 feet wide can seat six to eight people can be achieved in a short period of time. Wooden round dining tables is expensive when buying one in a furniture store, and make one yourself will definitely save money. Cut fours 4 feet from your desk, using both 4×4 8 feet, with the circular saw. Cut four sections of 2 feet under two 2×4 6 feet 5 inches.

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Creating the round dining tables cover sheet 5 square feet of plywood. Tap a nail in the center; tie one end of the rope around the nail and extend toward the center of one edge of the plywood. Place the pencil vertically at the point where the chain meets the edge of the plywood; wrap the cord around the pencil halfway.

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Cut the circle of plywood using the jigsaw. Arena any rough edges of all cut pieces. Brush wood stain or paint over them and allow all parts to dry. Place a 2-foot section 5 inches on the edge between each set of legs and align with the outer edges. Secure each end of the sections legs penny nails. Place the frame on the legs.