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A dressing table vanity with mirror is ideally suite to glamour inspired designs. These arrangements are distinguished by palace aesthetics, dominated by shiny accessories and exclusive fabrics. The classic combination of black, white and silver is complement with deep purples, browns and grays. Golden additions and crystal chandeliers help achieve a truly Hollywood effect.

Posted on May 26, 2019 Vanity Mirror

In the case of a bedroom in glamour style, it is best to opt for a piece of furniture with a slightly Baroque design. Convertible legs, decorative, carved frame and richly decorated knobs are the quintessence of the glamour style. A perfect choice will be a dressing table vanity with mirror in the shape of a heart, a spectacular mirror a sun or a mirror with a backlit frame. It is worth giving up the classic wooden furniture and put on modern materials.

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A dressing table made of glass, a mirrored dressing table and maybe a chrome-coated dressing table? It is worth putting on unconventional solutions. Due to its specificity, a dressing table vanity with mirror is an ideal piece of furniture for the bedroom. In an interior decorated in the art deco style, it seems to be an obligatory element. This style is a favorite for the bedroom sets: a bed, a wardrobe, a dressing table.