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White Lacquer Console Lable – Painted white wood furniture is a good way of renewing old utensils. You can change the look of any room, but it will take you time and patience. Given that it is very cheap compared with buying new furniture console table, it is a common choice among many people. Place the furniture on a protective fabric, newspaper or cardboard paper. Using a screwdriver, remove all the accessories including knobs, handles, hinges and decorative parts. Take out all drawers and doors and place them separately on the canvas.

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Using a role of an electric Sander or sandpaper, sanding the surface of all parts of the furniture. Make sure you do it in the direction of the white lacquer console table grain to avoid scratches. Use adhesive cloth to remove dust from the surface. Check every thing to see if you should return to sand it. It is very important to remove the previous finish completely. Once done, gently sanding the surface with steel wool. This will create a smooth surface to apply the final coat of paint.

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Using one you brush, apply a coat of primer to the cabinet white lacquer console table following the direction of the grain. Once dry, apply a second coat. This will ensure that the final layer adheres to the surface. It applies white semi-gloss latex using a brush. Again, do it in the same direction that the vein. When it has dried, it verifies that all parts of the unit are properly painted. It usually requires only a coat of paint if primer is used.