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Glass dining table IKEA usually is very durable. Glass used to make surface of table is tempered, which means it is chemically treated to support more weight than ordinary glass. Heat strengthened glass is resistant to breakage and sharp small pieces. However, it is not resistant to normal wear such as scratches, scrapes and scratches. Although there is much you can do to restore breaks and deep scratches, can improve appearance of your glass if stains, dirty, or scratched slightly. Tables dining are a good place for inventive design. Favorite glass dining table IKEA mix and match furniture with a modern aesthetic. That means you can easily match one table with chairs round glass eye style leather and dining room look elegant and fresh

Posted on May 24, 2019 Dining Table

Glass provides a smooth material for contemporary glass dining table IKEA. This highly reflective surface is cleaned with a rag, so it is an appropriate choice for tables. Its natural pale blue shadow gives a fresh appearance. However, you can improve a glass dining table with some paint. Applying a coat of paint to face of glass back allows you to keep top of smooth and shiny table. Spray paint leaves a finish flawless, free brushstroke.

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