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Ikea Gulliver Changing Table – Some parents just using the pad changes that come with the diaper bag to freshen up their children in a bed or couch or floor, or repurpose the closet to change the schedule by adding and changing pad on top. Does that make troublesome? You do not need to change the table. Ikea comes with Ikea Gulliver changing table.
Ikea Gulliver changing table with raised walls, handy storage space and all the bending comfortable height. You can buy a suitable pad to change your bed or nursery to match the style, or get one that has drawers or shelves to use for a long time after your child has exceeded diaper.
Ikea Gulliver changing table
well diapering whole thing happened for the most part in place. It fit the standard length of the pad change. It’s a great change table with a dresser in top of that, also it’s so pretty with storage bins to keeps everything tidy. It is suitable as part of little apartment that make more space provided as possible to measurements of the shelves are odd. That’s the article related to Ikea Gulliver changing table. We suggest for you to buy it, try it and love it.

Posted on May 23, 2019 Changing Table

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